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The Experience of Healing

When we look at a patient, we look at the whole individual. They come  for example because they might have an ear infection but I we find out that the real underlying issue is an allergy. Often we discover your pet has a heart murmur or a gland problem. 

Everyday, we face the amazing challenge of finding the right diagnosis and the best possible treatment approach. After all, it is our job. But what if I told you, this is not only our job but our passion. Our job is  our passion. Animals and finding a way to help them through our  job,  are our passion. 

 Healing starts from the inside out,  medicines are important, following instructions and communication are crucial, but also manifesting  a positive attitude and an open mind. We incorporate diet management and immune system support in many of our treatment approaches. We encourage you to believe your animal can be healed and when ever considered necessary, we will refer you to the right specialists. 

Together we will live the experience  of healing.

Dr O