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The Cost of Compassion

Often we are faced with the question of the increasing cost of veterinary care. At our practice, we pride ourselves to provide excellent veterinary care through the American Animal Hospital Association ( AAHA) guidelines. This means we go above and beyond, providing services above standards of care at a reasonable cost. 

We are challenged with the perception of value when veterinary services are being offered at discounted prices  through  government spay and neuter assistance, now free procedures and discounted vaccinations and prevention available through the general public with no real means testing. Private practices cannot compete with free, but we can certainly offer the safety of anesthesia protocols suited for your pet's age and needs, strict monitoring and follow up of patients under anesthesia, a major concern with our clients. 

We often see frustrated clients who have been going to these places seeking quality for cheap but unfortunately, this is an unrealistic approach. We are here to help , at convenient prices with high quality care. We are a passionate and dedicated group of professionals who believe their profession is their purpose in life and success is the result of a service provided with real passion. 

Dr O