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Passsion for Animals in a Healthy Environment

One of the reasons veterinary medicine is such a personal  driving force is witnessing  the daily miracles when we practice our profession with passion, love and dedication. I think of my profession as the art of healing animals and through it, procuring a healthy environment for the patient and its family. One vital aspect of veterinary medicine we tend to forget is that by keeping our pets healthy, we keep ourselves healthy. There is an undeniable threat  arising from zoonotic diseases. One major duty of our noble profession is to protect public health, we take  an oath  we stand by.

We don't ask you to keep your animals indoors, vaccinate against rabies and keep them on heartworm, flea and tick prevention to fulfill a business need. We don't adhere to strict above and beyond standards of care to fulfill  a mere industry capitalistic trend. We are a profession that prides itself for really knowing the dynamics of disease transmission and prevention and because of that, we are able to recommend the best disease prevention approaches for your pets. 

 We passionately seek seeing your smiley faces when your animals transform right in front of our eyes. No better reward in my book seeing an animal thrive. 

Dr O